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About The Van

SWB and race van conversions
starting from scratch

The Basics

A stuffy van with condensate on windows and lingering cooking smells is not something that you would want in your house let alone in your prized campervan!  Getting the basics right can pave the way to a campervan you can enjoy all year round. Year after year.
The basics of camper van conversion
Electrics and powering your van
let there be light

Powering Your Van

Most vehicles use a combination of 230V mains with a leisure battery.  If you want to really get with the times and lower your carbon footprint, solar and wind power generators are the way forward
getting the feel right

What's your style?

Everyone has a different style and flair, your campervan is a reflection of you and so make sure that you make it in your own style. You'll be spending a lot of time in it ;)
Different styles of wood and panneling
The finishing touch


These are the things that make or break a great, resourceful camper. Having the tools to keep you on the road for longer are what makes a campervan that you will want to use every single weekend.
Appliances available for camper van
calculating the price right now

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Why Not check Out Different Layout Types?

Race Vans
Race Vans
Large Van (LWB)
Large Van (LWB)
Medium Layout (MWB)
Medium Layout (MWB)
Small Layout (SWB)
Small Layout (SWB)
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