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Camper Van Flat Pack Furniture Conversions Kits

Doing your own camper van conversion is a daunting task, but if you're a hands on DIY'er, we can provide you with flat pack furniture kit that will mean you can start your very own project from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. DIY is becoming increasingly popular and we're building more and more flat pack kits for people every week.

As with any project such as campervan conversions, you will come across unique situations where you're going to have to 'make it work'. This might mean trimming off or sanding down some of the edges to make them fit your van. The flat pack kits we provide are standard and we will advise on the shape, size and layout before going ahead with the build but you will need the confidence to alter and adjust where necessary. Don't worry though, we're only a phone call away if you need assistance.

All our campervan furniture kits come with a set of instructions on how to install them into your van. You will need to be competent at DIY and will likely make use of a jigsaw and an electric screwdriver. We can also provide you with any appliances that you want fitting, and with these we recommend having them fit by a professional due to their cost and intricacies. We are more than happy to fit them for you.

Flat pack kits are made to your order and are made to your own custom measurements and design. You can provide your own measurements or we can provide you with some initial generic measurements tailored to your van to get you started, based on the model. We are very happy to discuss designs and layout with you and offer as much advice as we can but it is your responsibility to make sure all measurements are correct and that the design is right. You need to take into account and think about location of wheel arches, windows, roof vents, etc. We will not be held responsible for any incorrect measurements or design.

The kits come as individual pieces with all doors fitted and hinged and all edge trim fitted. Except for on small van models, all the panels come as square pieces so you will have to scribe them to match the shape and profile of your vehicle. You will also receive a basic fitting guide and basic fitting kit (you may have to purchase extra screws/brackets to ensure your kit is securely fastened in your van). It is your responsibility to make sure the kit is fitted safely and securely.

Once you have placed a deposit for a large flat pack kit, we will email to you a 3D image of your layout design with all the measurements, you then need to check these in your van make sure they are correct, it’s easy to make changes at this stage so if you decide you want anything altering or the measurements are not correct, just let us know and we will change the drawing. We can repeat this process as many times as you want until you are 100% happy with design and are confident that all the measurements are correct. Once you’re satisfied you sign off the drawing we are then ready to start cutting your furniture and making your cushions. PLEASE NOTE, any changes made after the drawing has been signed off or after delivery of the kit will be chargeable.
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